Break It Down is an immersive online dance experience where you learn dance lessons, techniques, and drills taught by world-class dance instructors. Each course is designed with exclusive dance knowledge you won't find anywhere else.

How We'll Help You

  • Expert Instruction

    Our Dance Mentors have years of experience in their respective disciplines and have taught regularly at our studio.

  • Learn to Dance

    Break It Down is for those looking to learn dance from the ground up. Each course teaches you the fundamentals of dance, from the Mentor's perspective.

  • Rewatch Anytime

    Once you purchase the course, it's yours forever. Watch it anytime, any place.

  • Dance Mentorship

    Our Dance Mentors are committed to helping you become a better dancer. Reach out to them any time for questions about their course. Many of our Mentors offer private training.

  • All Levels Welcome!

    You don't have to be a dancer or dance-trained to take Break It Down. Our courses are created so anyone can dance in a unique and valuable way.

  • New Classes Monthly

    Because of the length and depth of our courses, we only release a single course monthly. You can be sure that each course released has tons of unique and valuable content.

Our Courses

Unique dance lessons. Immersive content. Once purchased, yours forever. New courses every month.

What Makes Break It Down Different?

Each course is designed to give you a comprehensive dance experience from the unique and experienced mind of the Mentor. We're not here to just teach you choreography. We're here to teach you tips on taking dance class, new ways to explore movement, and mentalities to help you push your limits.


  • How much content is in each Break It Down course?

    Each course has 8 - 10 chapters of unique content, from the mind of the Mentor.

  • What will I find in a Break It Down course?

    Each Break It Down course has a mixture of knowledge, drills, and unique dance education from our Mentors. Each course is designed to give you an immersive and educational experience that you won't find anywhere else.

  • Is Break It Down a monthly subscription?

    No, Break It Down is sold per course. Once you purchase the course, it's yours forever.